Inflatables Zone (843)680-2297
**We take safety very seriously, and you should too.  Please have anyone who is not following the safety rules exit the inflatable.  
1.  Children inside the inflatable must be supervised at ALL times.  A responsible adult must be in attendance and closely supervise all activity while any inflatable is in operation.  You, the customer, is responsible for providing such supervision during the entire time that our party rental equipment is in your possession.  
2.  Inflatables are physically challenging.  Any person with a health impairment, disease, high blood pressure, back/neck/other bone or joint problems, or any other condition that might cause problems when physically challenged should not be allowed in the inflatable.  Do NOT enter the inflatable if you are pregnant.
3.  Before entering the inflatable remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, belts, sharp/pointed objects.  Please empty pockets before entering.  
4.  Absolutely NO flipping, tumbling, chasing or other forms of rough housing are allowed in the inflatables. Do not run and/or bounce against the walls. Do not run or jump through the door of the inflatable. Do not climb or hang from the interior or exterior of the inflatable.
5.  Compatible age groups must play on unit at the same time. Age groups must not be mixed. Different sized children must not be mixed. The maximum number of children allowed in the standard 13 X 13 Bounce House is:
Ages 2 to 8 ..........8 children maximum
Ages 9 to 13 ........6 children maximum
Ages 14 to 17 ......4 children maximum
6.  Do not use the inflatable during rain or excessive wind (20 mph or greater).  In the event of inclement weather (lightening, thunder, rain or high winds) instruct all occupants to immediately exit the inflatable and do not allow re-entry until the weather clears.
7.  No gum, face paint, food, drinks, sprays or pets are allowed inside the inflatable. A cleaning fee of up to $200 will be assessed if food, paint, food, drinks, sprays or pet hair is found in the inflatable. 
8.  Absolutely NO SILLY STRING in or around the inflatable. Silly string damages the vinyl. You will be charged for all repairs required from damage or for purchase of new inflatable if warranted.  
9.  Participants should not sit or lay down while others are bouncing around them, as a jumping child could fall down on top of a sitting or lying child.
10.  Inflatables are designed for children and are not recommended for use by adults. 
11.  Inflatable should be anchored at all times.  
12.  Only one person on the ladder at a time.  Only one person on the slide at a time.  Correct sliding method is seated, feet in front of you. Do Not Slide head first. 
13.  Ensure that each child using the inflatable understands and follows these rules. 
1. If the motor has stopped - check the cord connection at the outlet and at the motor. Remember use of more than one extension cored can trip the circuit breaker.
2. If the inflatable starts to deflate - check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage. Check both tubes on the back of the inflatable for snugness and retie if necessary.
3. If the inflatable stakes come loose, pull the corner back and re-stake.
4. Should the inflatable deflate, or if you experience any other problems with the equipment, please call Inflatables Zone owners at the following phone number (843)680-2297 or (803)586-3644 before allowing or engaging in further use of the bounce house.

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